Cupping Educator Network

Global Cupping creates partnerships with educators - not competing ‘against’ them!  

We do this by including you on the Educator Network section of our website, promoting you on our social media channels and offering products free of any logos or branding.

What are the advantages of partnering with Global Cupping as your product supplier?

  • ​A direct relationship with our manufacturers ensures and maintains quality and price.
  • Flexibility to customize your sets – want more large cups instead of small ones, no problem!
  • Wholesale options available with low minimum order requirements.
  • Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions on referrals.
  • We are the first and ONLY product supplier to provide various levels of silicone hardness for two types of cups and prints that directly on the cup itself – allowing YOU the ability to provide products that are specific to your training and student needs.
  • We are the ONLY product supplier that can offer you the ability to private label your cupping supplies with your own branding!

​We would love to welcome you to our Global Cupping Educator Network…to get started, send an email to us at