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WH Button Cupping Set

WH Button Cupping Set

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Exclusive to Global Cupping, the new Button Cupping Set is one of the best new products for manual therapy professionals!  These cups have NO beads of tourmaline in the rim, so they are easier to clean and disinfect in a professional environment, and transparent enough that you can see the tissue underneath!  Great item for point of sale for your clients.

These small and mighty cups will rival any cup on the market for the amount of suction that they deliver in a static / stationary manner. Their unique design makes them quick and easy to apply whether you are applying them on yourself for DIY cupping at home or in a professional clinic environment. We do not recommend using these cups in a dynamic gliding / sliding manner.

The most amazing thing about the Button Cupping Set is that they adhere to boney areas where traditional cups just won't stay put...the jaw (TMJ discomfort? Rejoice!!) wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, feet and even the shoulder and collarbone area. Really, there is nowhere these cups won't stay and with a set of 4 you can also overlap the edge of the cups for a Blanket Cupping technique - you can't do that with traditional cups...

There are 4 cups in a set - each cup is 2.25" in diameter

Silicone Hardness - This set is a 55 degree hardness.

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