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WH Booster Mini Portable Pocket Massage Gun

WH Booster Mini Portable Pocket Massage Gun

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When you can't get in to see your manual therapy practitioner, use the Booster Mini Portable Pocket Massage Gun at home in between your appointments! Massage guns, also called percussive guns or percussion massagers, can help relieve pain and tension through oscillating, rapid bursts of pressure on the muscle tissue.

The Booster Mini Portable Pocket Massage Gun is the most compact massage gun available on the market measuring in at approximately 5.5 inches / 14.2 cm - roughly the size of a standard cell phone! It comes with a handy carrying case or you can even fit in your pocket making it easy to take it with you anywhere you go! Perfect for self-care, but also a great addition to your professional clinic setting with its triple noise reduction design.

Super Quiet: The Booster Mini's triple noise reduction design includes a duplex bearing drive, a floating shock absorption and a brushless motor. The high power brushless motor produces up to 70W of power and 50 hits per second while only outputting 40 - 60 decibels. That's quieter than most refrigerators!

Super Light: The Booster Mini measures 5.5 inches (14.2 cm) making it easy to hold in the palm of your hand and only weighs 1.15 pounds (521 grams).

Power: The Booster Mini has a Samsung 2900mAh lithium battery and charges in approximately 3 hours through a Type-C USB cable. A full charge will last approximately 8 hours depending on the speeds being used. 900 - 3200 beats per minute with 12-15 lbs of pressure (stall force).

Four Speeds: The second-generation variable pressure control system is used to monitor the pressure in real time. When the strength is increased, the system will increase the motor torque to achieve the relaxation effect of deep muscles.

  1. Speed 1: 900 rpm
  2. Speed 2: 1800 rpm
  3. Speed 3: 2500 rpm
  4. Speed 4: 3200 rpm

Interchangeable Attachments: Your entire kit comes with 4 interchangeable attachments - a large round head for all muscle groups and low intensity, a flat head for all muscle groups and medium intensity, a bullet head targets pain points with strong intensity, and a spinal head for massaging around the spine with strong intensity. The bullet head and spinal head have soft silicone cushions to reduce the risk of muscle damage.

Your Booster Mini package comes with:

  • Booster Mini Unit
  • 4 x Interchangeable Head Attachments
  • Type C Quick Charge USB charging line
  • Storage Bag
  • User Manual

Technical Specs:

Rated Speed: 900-3200rpm

Striking Force: 5-7 kg / 12-15 lbs

Rated Input: 100-240 v-50/60HZ

Power Supply: USB charge (block not included)

Battery Capacity: 2900mAh

Motor Power: 25W

Battery: High energy lithium battery, 3 hours to charge, battery lasts 4~8 hours on full charge

Net weight: 1.15 pounds / 521 grams

Color: Black

Material: Aviation-grade aluminum alloy body

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