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2x Medium Base Cup - 55 Hardness

2x Medium Base Cup - 55 Hardness

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Redefine your therapy sessions with the 2x Medium Base Cup, 55 Hardness Silicone Cupping Set. Brought to you by Global Cupping, these silicone massage cups are a dream come true for every massage therapist, enhancing the art of cupping with their innovative design and premium quality.

Five reasons this professional silicone cupping set is your ticket to exceptional therapy sessions:

  1. Pinnacle of Comfort: Designed to cater to various body contours, these silicone cups ensure an unparalleled, soothing experience for your clients.
  2. Visible Results: Witness the therapeutic transformation with the clear silicone, making the process engaging and instilling trust in your clients.
  3. Effortless Handling: Achieve a perfect grip and control with their ideal hardness, making your work easier and the therapy sessions more effective.
  4. Unmatched Quality: Crafted from medical-grade silicone, these cups are a symbol of safety and durability, elevating your service standards.
  5. Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee: Global Cupping backs each purchase with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, making your investment absolutely risk-free.

As a massage therapist, your hands speak volumes. With these silicone massage cups, your hands will narrate a story of relaxation and wellness. Deep tissue stimulation, improved blood circulation - the benefits of cupping with these silicone cups are extensive and impressive.

Whether it's a professional athlete seeking quick recovery or a busy office-goer yearning for relaxation, cater to their diverse needs with this versatile cupping set. No more worrying about client discomfort or ineffective results. With these cups, you can offer targeted, personalized treatment, transforming your client's therapeutic journey.

Bring innovation to your practice with the 2x Medium Base Cup, 55 Hardness Silicone Cupping Set. A unique blend of science and art, these cups will revolutionize your therapy sessions and enhance client satisfaction. Let these cups be your silent partners in success, creating a profound impact on your clients' wellbeing and your professional growth. Grab this game-changing tool today, and experience the magic yourself!


    This item is for a set of 2 Medium cups only. Each cup measures 2" x 3.25"

    Silicone Hardness - These 2x Medium cups are a 55 degree hardness silicone. For a stronger level of suction, check out our Medium Base Cup in the 60 hardness level!

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