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Dome Cupping Set - 55 Hardness

Dome Cupping Set - 55 Hardness

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Discover a transformative approach to rejuvenation with the Dome Cupping Set - 55 Hardness, your new secret weapon for peak performance. This professional silicone cupping set is masterfully crafted to become an essential part of any massage therapist's toolbox.

Unearth the power of silicone cups in creating an unparalleled massage experience. This set is thoughtfully designed for deep-tissue manipulation, helping you unlock your clients' true physical potential by easing muscle soreness, boosting circulation, and enhancing athletic recovery.

Experience the Flexibility: The silicone massage cups contour perfectly to the body, ensuring an efficient and comforting experience. Watch your clients' satisfaction soar as the cups work their magic!

Promote Optimal Wellness: Let the cups' powerful suction promote better blood flow, bringing rejuvenating oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body.

Minimize Scar Tissue: Enhance your massage techniques with cupping therapy to reduce scar tissue and fascial adhesions. Unveil smoother, healthier skin with every session!

Versatility at Its Best: Whether you are targeting trigger points or stripping affected areas, cupping with silicone cups ensures a comprehensive approach to well-being.

90-day Satisfaction Guarantee: Put your faith in our guarantee! We are committed to your satisfaction and trust in our products.

The "why should I care" has never been more apparent. Implement this dome cupping set into your massage practice to elevate the quality of your services and leave your clients in awe of the immediate, noticeable results. Not only does this kit streamline your work, but it also delivers health benefits your clients will rave about.

Imagine the satisfying sensation of releasing a day’s worth of tension with these easy-to-use cups. Visualize your clients’ gratified sighs as the expertly designed silicone cups glide over their skin, smoothing out knots and adhesions, bringing relief right where it's needed most. Hear the positive reviews flowing in as your clients feel more invigorated, more at ease, and more in tune with their bodies after each session.

Experience the unrivaled benefits of this top-notch cupping set. Your practice deserves it, your clients deserve it, and most importantly, you deserve it. Feel confident in your purchase with our 90-day satisfaction guarantee and step into the future of massage therapy with the Dome Cupping Set - 55 hardness. You won't look back!

There are 2 cups in the set - 1 Large Cup (3" x 3") and 1 Medium Cup (2.1" x 2.1")

Silicone Hardness - This set is a 55 degree hardness. For a harder silicone cupping set, please check out our 60 degree hardness set. Note that we have discontinued the 65 degree hardness set due to how difficult it was to use.

This product is also available for Cupping Wholesale purchases. With flexible options and low minimum order requirements, the Global Cupping Wholesale Program provides the most flexibility on the market when it comes to purchasing large quantities of silicone cupping sets!

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