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WH Glass Facial Cupping Set

WH Glass Facial Cupping Set

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Introducing our NEW exclusive Glass Facial Cupping Set, a carefully curated collection of four cups designed to elevate the massage therapy experience for both professionals and clients. Crafted from premium medical-grade glass, each cup showcases a stunning purple Ombre hue, evoking a sense of elegance and relaxation.

Our Glass Facial Cupping Set is a versatile tool that can be used not only for facial cupping treatments but also for addressing various concerns on any part of the body. As massage therapists, you can now offer your clients a pain-free "face-lift" effect by gently lifting facial tissues, stimulating blood and lymph circulation, and visibly smoothing out wrinkles. 

Not only are these cups effective, but they are also easy to use and maintain. The purple rubber bulb allows you to adjust the degree of suction by squeezing more firmly or gently, ensuring the perfect application for each individual. Cleaning is a breeze, and the set comes with a white storage box for convenient organization and portability.

There are 4 cups in the set - different sizes, including the Large Cup measuring 2.15" with an inner diameter of 1.50", the Medium Cup measuring 1.40" with an inner diameter of 0.80", the Small Cup measuring 1" with an inner diameter of 0.65", and the Mini Cup measuring 0.65" with an inner diameter of 0.35". With such versatility, you can easily target specific areas and provide tailored treatments for your clients.

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