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  • International Massage Association

    The International Massage Association aims to develop and promote the various massage techniques practiced by experienced Massage Therapists worldwide.

  • World Massage Festival & Massage Therapy Hall of Fame

    World Massage Festival is a place where every therapist can go and be their true self without judgement while being accepted and lifted up by so many positive influences as you learn and grow!

  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

    Founded in 1987, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) is a national membership association that goes above and beyond to make it easier for massage and bodywork practitioners and students to succeed.

At Global Cupping, we curate the best of the best Cupping Therapy products for your practice and your clients!

Quality isn't a mere assurance, it's our guiding principle. We don't just provide cupping products; we curate the finest, ensuring they not only fulfill their function but exceed your expectations.

Made with precision, delivered with passion.

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  • Silicone Cupping Therapy cups

    These cups are amazing!!! I have tried several different brands and these are by far my favorite!! Things I like most about them are:

    1. The varying hardness levels which is perfect for veteran cuppers who need the different levels.

    2. The clarity of the silicone is top notch, no other brand is as crystal clear. This is so helpful to watch the skin underneath. Like a perfect viewing window. I have had my cups for 10 months now and they have not started to fog at all, even with aggressive washing and sanitizing.

    3. No rough edge AT ALL!!!! Seriously, no joke on this one. No rough edge. So many brands claim no edge then you get them and they have a rough edge. Theses are perfectly crafted with a soft buttery smooth edge!!!!!!!!!

  • The best quality silicone cups ever!

    I’ve been ordering cups from Global Cupping for years now and I love this company! Their medical grade silicone cups are great quality and I use them in my practice on a daily basis. My clients love them, I love them! I use them on myself regularly as well. I Highly recommend their cups!

    The best cups you’ll come across. Definitely worth the investment.

  • Last year I placed a large order and my silicone cups have been FREAKIN AMAZING!

    I had previously ordered sets from a competitor but found the stiffness to be inconsistent with each cup, as well as within each set of cups. Their cups also seem to cloud when not in daily use.

    My Global Cupping cups stay crystal clear, are super consistent in hardness, and are absolutely my favorites out of the 3 sets of silicone cups I have from various companies. I can not recommend these enough!!

    Top notch customer service and top notch cups!

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