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Cupping Therapy is a traditional and complementary medicine practice that has been practiced for thousands of years and is generally described as a technique that uses cups placed over the skin to create negative pressure through suction. This suction decompresses and gently "lifts" the skin and underlying tissues to improve blood flow through the body tissues.

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Committed to Quality

Quality should never be a concern! With our firsthand relationships with our manufacturers, we are able to guarantee that our products will be free of manufacturing defects.  We are also able to ensure that all our products are made from either medical-grade or food-grade platinum-cured silicone with no byproducts or harmful additives.

Committed to YOU

Your success = our success! Our desire is to create a true partnership with our customers and provide products and information to help them succeed and grow. We invite and encourage your feedback and input on our products as well as resources and information you would like to see on our website.

Committed to Savings

International Shipping

At Global Cupping you never have to ask 'do you ship to my country?'...the answer is always YES.  Our global distribution network, international currency conversion, multi-lingual online store options and flat rate shipping ensures that we are able to efficiently and economically serve our diverse and international customer base. 

  • Silicone Cupping Therapy cups

    These cups are amazing!!! I have tried several different brands and these are by far my favorite!! Things I like most about them are:
    1. The varying hardness levels which is perfect for veteran cuppers who need the different levels
    2. The clarity of the silicone is top notch, no other brand is as crystal clear. This is so helpful to watch the skin underneath. Like a perfect viewing window. I have had my cups for 4 months now and they have not started to fog at all, even with aggressive washing and sanitizing.
    3. No rough edge AT ALL!!!! Seriously, no joke on this one. No rough edge. So many brands claim no edge then you get them and they have a rough edge. Theses are perfectly crafted with a soft buttery smooth edge!!!!!!!!!

  • The best quality silicone cups ever!


    I’ve been ordering cups from Global Cupping for a year now and I love this company! Their medical grade silicone cups are great quality and I use them in my practice on a daily basis. My clients love them, I love them! I use them on myself regularly as well. I Highly recommend their cups! The best cups you’ll come across. Definitely worth the investment.

  • Last year I placed a larger order for silicone cups and 2 sets of poly carbonate cups. As of yet I am not really using the polys, but my silicone cups have been FREAKIN AMAZING! I'd previously ordered sets from a competitor but found the stiffness to be inconsistent with each cup, as well as within each set of cups. Their cups also seem to cloud when not in daily use.

    My Global Cupping cups stay crystal clear, are super consistent in hardness, and are absolutely my favorites out of the 3 sets of silicone cups I have from various companies. I can not recommend these enough


    Top notch customer service and top notch cups!

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