Tips and Tricks!

Tips and Tricks!

Everyone can always use a few tips and tricks when it comes to Cupping Therapy! Here are a few of ours...feel free to contact us with yours!

Silicone Cups Won't Suction
If your cups won't hold suction to the skin very well, try using a massage oil instead of lotion to help create a better connection between the cup and the skin. With excessive hair on a body, a larger amount of oil may be needed to maintain the suction.

Oil to Use With Cupping
We recommend using a good quality massage oil if you are going to be using your cups for a lot of Dynamic or Massage Cupping. Lotions, gels and creams can sometimes inhibit the ease of gliding the cups over the skin. Please not use Olive Oil with your silicone cups as this will degrade the silicone.

Wash with Hot Water and Dishsoap
Always clean your silicone cups with hot water and liquid dishsoap and then rinse well. Do NOT put the your silicone cups into boiling water or in your dishwasher as this will damage the integrity of the silicone and actually leave them looking cloudy.

Don't Use Alcohol or Lysol
Do NOT use alcohol or alcohol based products such as Lysol wipes to clean your cups! Alcohol-based products and Lysol wipes can dry out your silicone cups and degrade the silicone, causing them to potentially dry out and crack.

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