NCT Student Kit

NCT Student Kit

Introducing the exclusive NCT Student available! 

Made from the highest quality silicone available on the market in a 60 hardness level and with brand new Soft TouchTM Technology...NEVER before seen in North America!

What is Soft TouchTM Technology??  Think of it as a soft, velvety coating on the cups...they are still made from the same high quality, medical-grade silicone that you have come to love, but then they are sprayed with the brand-new Soft TouchTM coating that is EXCLUSIVE to this NCT Student Kit!

There are a total of 16 cups in this student kit:

  • 4 x Large Base Cups (Size D)
  • 6 x Medium Base Cups (Size C)
  • 4 x Small Base Cups (Size B)
  • 2 x Extra Small Base Cups (Size A)

These cups are all made in the 60 hardness level so they are perfect for both dynamic and stationary treatment applications!  And....they come in a beauuuuuuuuuuutiful teal color 🤩


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