Student Kits

Students in Senegal, Maroc and Africa

The Institut Axis student kit is comprised of 3 different types of cups for the absolute best educational experience! These silicone cups are made from the highest quality silicone available on the market.

There are a total of 26 cups in this student kit:

4 x Base Cupping Sets comprised of 4 different sized cups

2 x Large Dome Cups
1 x Button Cupping Set comprised of 4 cups each the same size

​At Global Cupping we have firsthand relationships with our manufacturers, which means that we can ensure our products are being made from the highest quality silicone available. All of our silicone Cupping Therapy products are made from either medical-grade or food-grade, platinum-cured silicone. What this ultimately means is that you can be completely assured that our products contain no fillers or by-products and that they will also have a remarkably high clarity to them. This is so important to be able to monitor the change in the tissue under the cup. 

Please note that shipping times to Africa can take longer - please allow at least 10-14 days for shipping.

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for Senegal, Maroc and Africa